If you’re setting up an independent station, get a program like the SAM Broadcaster. 4. It seems that luck is definitely cheap oakleys not on the side oakley outlet of the Eagles and Michael Vick, as the franchise lost to their long time rivals the Giants by 29 16 on their nfl jerseys cheap week 3 meeting at Lincoln Financial Field. It’s presented as merely “honest” to suggest that not only are gay men not legitimately part of a “man’s man game,” but that men who would tolerate and be comfortable being around gay men (that they know of) are also not legitimately part of it. Understand the Description. However, not all new moms are able to nurse. Look to your receivers who are best able to take advantage of single coverage, and aim to get them the ball in position where they only have that one player to beat. With Seattle famous for its ‘Legion of Boom’ pass defence, Blount may be given an even greater role when it comes to the Super Bowl in two weeks time. The joke here is quintessential “South Park” in its almost childish embrace of immaturity. This is exactly the point. Even if you were getting everything you needed, for a while your empty stomach would still send out the pain alarm that says, “INSERT FOOD OR YOU WILL DIE, DUMBASS!” The inside of a hockey jerseys detoxing alcoholic’s head is freaking out in the same manner.. The American Gaming Association has a statement out on the merger announcement hockey jerseys from DraftKings (Private:DRAFT) and FanDuel (Private:DUEL). You can make a beautiful and exotic gown shaped cake for a baby girl’s shower. And he went one better than his older brother Peyton, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback who has one Super Bowl ring of his own but didn’t play this season as he recovered from neck surgery. However, if the borrower does not meet the monthly requirements and payments, the interest rate might shoot up dramatically. The technologist will slowly increase the CPAP air pressure until the hypopneas and apneas disappear the aim is to find the least amount of pressure that will eliminate the obstructive sleep apnea. fake ray ban sunglasses It looks fine when you pull it out, but when you open it you find flat beer flavored slush has instantly formed inside.. Even if it’s not related to the back injury that forced him to sit a full season in college, and nfl jerseys cheap has been addressed by surgeons since he turned pro, it’s a problem that Gronkowski walked off catchless with an ailment that wasn’t on the radar coming into the contest. The live band was then replaced by recorded music. “I set deadlines for myself,” Charlie explains. Soon after we unpacked, we headed to the beach with our spiffy swim suits, our relatively pale bodies glistening with ample amounts of the aforementioned tanning oil.



Additionally, we analyzed small sample size, especially in normal control group. Glitter, sequins, leotards and jazz shoes surrounded a big part of my life; wholesale nfl jerseys I loved it. Physical retail video game sales fell 7% Y/Y in November to $993.9M, after having dropped 3% in seasonally weaker October to $349.4M. We’re well positioned in the produce and deli section of stores with an eye on expansion into other categories such as dairy. Autrey was waiting on the subway platform with his kids when a man named Cameron Hollopeter (which is the porniest name since Big Dick Gigglefist) fell to the floor and began convulsing. The faster a football player can sprint in a short area, the more power he will be able to generate in his tackles. He had six tackles and a sack.. While researching blood transfusions, Dr. It helps having Shaun Burgoyne, Luke Hodge and Sam Mitchell in the back half who can all move into the midfield when the sub comes on, but it was a bit unusual for us.”. When a person falls chest forward, or receives a direct blow to the chest region during an assault, contact sports, accidents, etc. It doesn’t differentiate lean weight from fat. While this ties up some working capital we ray bans sale do not expect a negative impact on our margin in the upcoming season. Cite the debate by placing the last name of the speaker being quoted inside the parenthesis at the end of the sentence. Well, here’s the deal with depression: Nobody knows what the deal is with depression. In this manner in comparison to gigantic industries people will get more jobs. Talk about what is art and history all possible. In addition, according to the global attraction attendance report by cheap oakleys AECOM, fake oakleys all the parks around the world had 132 million visitors in 2013. You may also think about bringing variations to the vertical leap drill. With me today on the call are Mike White, our President and CEO; Pat Doyle, our CFO; Bruce Churchill, President of DIRECTV Latin America; Michelle Locke, CFO of DIRECTV Latin America; and Larry Hunter, our General Counsel. Monday wholesale jerseys Night Bloopers boasts specials every cheap oakley sunglasses five wholesale football jerseys china minutes, and weekends bring deals on Coors and Coors Light as well as Colorado brews. Louis. But in the last 13 months, Dombrowski has traded Margot, Espinoza, Moncada and Kopech to build for the present. He is remembered for been quick and powerful, playing either as a Striker or on the Wing. Video games requiring team playing can enhance collaboration skills, according to a 2006 study by H and H Playing video games which encourage violence increases violent behavior, while playing video games that promote characters aiding each other in nonviolent ways have more behavior, according to a 2009 study by Gentile and Sakamoto.Changes in Brain ActivityPlaying violent video games releases dopamine in a brain region called the striatum.


이글은 지극히 개인적으로 Framer를 혼자 이해하기 위해 작성한 자료입니다. 참조 개인적으로 판단되는 Framer 작동하는 구성 요소는 크게 3가지(Layer, State, Event)+@(Animation)로 볼수 있음 레이어(Layers) 레이어란 직사각형 요소를 그리기 위한 방법이다. 레이어에 이미지, 비디오, 텍스트를 표시할 수 있다. 폭(Width), 높이(Height), 블루 배경(Background)들이 따로 설정하지 않은면 모든 레이어는 기본 세팅값을 상속받는다 ex) layerA = new Layer 한줄만 입력하여도 폭, 높이, 블루 배경값이 지정됨. # Create a layer layerA = new Layer //(New 입력 시, n을 반드시 소문자로 입력할 것) x: 0, y: 0, width: 100, height: 100 backgroundColor: ‘red’ opacity: 0.5 속성(Properties) 레이어의 위치, 외형을 정의함. 이미지, 배경, 비디오를 첨가하거나 숨길수 있음. layerB.borderRadius = 3 layerB.rotation = 45 layerB.opacity = 0.8 layerB.scale = 0.8 Posintioning(Properties) 레이어의 X, Y 위치값 설정 # Properties of layerA # x:40, y:40, width:80 layerB.x = layerA.x # 40 layerB.x = layerA.minX # 40 //마진과 같은 역할 layerB.x = layerA.maxX # 120 # The x value of the center layerB.x = layerA.midX # 80 # The y value of the center layerB.y = layerA.midY # 80 # Center 가장 흔히 사용하는 문구로 이미지를 가운데 위치하기 위한 방법 # Center horizontally layerA.centerX() # Center vertically layerA.centerY() 계층(Hierarchy) 레이어들의 부모/자식을 정의하는 방법 # Two ways to define hierarchy layerB.superLayer = layerA layerA.addSubLayer(layerB) 레이어 종류(Layer Types) # Layer with image layerA = new Layer image:”image.png” # Layer with video layerA = new VideoLayer video: “video.mp4″ # Layer with HTML layerA = new Layer layerA.html =”Hello” 애니메이션 레이어 속성 값(x,y, 너비, 높이, 비율, 투명도, 회전)들을 한번에 애니메이션으로 처리함 layerA.animate properties: opacity: 0.5 Timing 애미메이션 작동시간 정의의 layerA.animate properties: opacity: 0.5 curve: “ease” repeat: 1 delay: 2 time: 1 States 단계별로 레이어의 다르게 속성값을 정의하고자 이용 처음 생성한 레어어는 기본 State됨. 레어이는 여러개의 State를 가질 수 있음. Adding States # The default state layerA = new Layer opacity: 1 # A new state titled “fade” layerA.states.add fade: opacity: 0 # Switch states with animation layerA.states.switch(“fade”) # Switch states without animation layerA.states.switchInstant(“fade”) Framer 윈도우에서 Atom으로 사용하기

Using Framer on Windows with Atom

The Bears MLB was on the practice field yesterday, but as I wrote during training camp for the Chicago Tribune, the veteran has missed valuable time (and reps) throughout the month of August. Having spent 219m (190m) this summer it is perhaps strange that Florentino Perez did not whisk his Real Madrid stars off to Japan where he once claimed to have earned 15m for two friendlies. The biggest issue facing ESPN and Disney is that the sports cheap oakley sunglasses cable network fake oakleys has already paid huge rights fees for the next 5 years, yet the amount of subscribers paying $8 month to cover the games aren’t going to exist in a few years. Chicago Steak Company continues the long and rich tradition of delivering Mid Western Corn Fed USDA Prime, Black Angus, and Cheap Football Jerseys Premium USDA Choice steaks to homes and businesses across America.Chicago Steak Company has announced a Father’s Day special any dad would love. Live on November 18, 2012, in Los Angeles.. It was believed that one way to cure constipation was to power a four inch doughboy up your kaiser and leave it there overnight. The last step is the easiest. These were annealed and ligated downstream of the H1 promoter, and cloned into the pSUPER plasmid.22, 23 These pSUPER AHI 1 short hairpin (shRNA) oligos were digested with XhoI and EcoRI and cloned into the RPG vector. So there’s no way for sure to determine cheap oakleys if the positive was for Adderall, HGH, steroids or even that estrogen that Manny Ramirez used as a masking agent.. And unlike many others, he went back to school last year to earn a sociology degree, several years into his NFL career, to fulfill a commitment he’d previously made to his mother.. So whether you are training to win or simply running to run, it is important to know what foot problems can occur, and hopefully treat them before they become a marathon breaker.. That loss of field position and touchdowns allowed on kickoffs added up to over 2 points per game last season and while Jeff Reed still has a weak leg, the coverage teams look much better and that Wholesale Jerseys should result in a point or two per game in field position.. Sports science lets us know that a batter can’t even see the last half of a pitch’s trajectory to the plate; that hitting a professional fastball amounts to good guesswork, and that’s where the reps come in. You need Wholesale Jerseys to be able ray bans sale to sort out the wheat from the chaff to establish what works and what doesn’t. We didn’t find the explorers’ graves, and the cold mummified remains within, for over a century.. I think employers are rude, unjust, uncaring. The values from each strain were normalized with respect to SD using the CT calculation, which subtracts CT of the SD group from the CT of each strain, making the CT for SD=0.

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컴포지션 생성 ->효과 및 사전 설정/ 입자 필드 -> 캐논 초당 입자 수,  속도, 입자 반경 수정 / 중력 힘 수정

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how to grow chest hair fasterSince the Raiders and Rams left after the 1994 season, the threat of moving to Los Angeles has been used as leverage by NFL teams looking to get stadium deals done in their current cities. Maine is a cheap jerseys leading exporter of high quality granite, and produces gravel, zinc, and peat as well. He had a lot of fun setting screens and committing those hard fouls.. Shane Vereen, who is now on injured reserve with a triceps muscle injury, had the longest run at 25 yards.There also have not been a lot of holes for the running backs.”We were able to do some good things early on in the season,” left guard Justin Pugh said. Go to Settings Network. Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis was Ravens defensive coordinator 1996 2001. You can also send MMS’s, just add a media file to you normal SMS and Wholesale Jerseys it’s ready for sending. The Patriots have enough pass catching backs to compensate, but if they draft Collins, his history of fumblitis will cause consternation in New Cheap Football Jerseys England any time he touches the ball especially if his college trends carry over to the NFL. He’s got a high IQ.”. The four major fake Oakleys sports leagues being the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL require that sports agents be certified by their respective players’ association before they can represent an athlete from their league. The leak caused Tunsil to fall from near the top of the draft all the way to the Miami Dolphins at No. And there may be five or six or seven. Sports has become this massive corporate enterprise that reflects and projects some, I think, I really harmful ideas towards society like greed, militarism, the gouging of communities. Even the highest row of the terrace offers a full view of the field, but you will miss pop fly balls. Do not buy a pre owned gun if the serial number appears to be missing or has been filed off. He was drafted as a 4 3 DT and he could be the best DT in the NFL in a 4 3. The dimensions of a football field vary slightly depending on the level that the game is being played at. If so cleared, Roethlisberger will be able to participate in training camp and preseason games this summer.. Whether you in the market for a mug rack made of wood, plastic, metal, chrome or any other material, the most important aspect to should be a well cheap jerseys built rack that is wholesale nfl jersyes made to last.. She did have some in her tummy, but nothing as bad as labor would have been. What they found was that 80 percent of the hair that is donated to them goes cheap nfl jerseys straight in the trash either it’s not long enough, or it’s dyed, or it has gray hairs, which is no good because no 10 year old wants to look like Sam Waterson..


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I love to work. I became a person who knows that I will always make my own way.”. Now, some folks like to hold onto the bridge while their using it. He has received treatment for depression Cheap Football Jerseys and anxiety, and has a support group that helps. Whether it’s a politician whose point has been refuted or a conspiracy theorist who has been definitively proven insane, they will immediately shift to the next talking point or conspiracy theory that backs up their side, not even skipping a beat. They reported to a training camp in Mankato, Minnesota last week confident that after they wrapped things up next week Favre would join them.. After two losses, first year Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter wants to change the culture of a team that hasn’t won fake oakleys a playoff game in 13 years. He followed NFL Jerseys Cheap that feat with a three pointer, bringing the Lakers to within four points of the Oklahoma City Thunder with about 4 1/2 minutes left in the game.. Emotions were running high, as the Jets’ winning field goal came off a controversial penalty. I have made it a principle all my life never to ask for anything from any prime minister.” The deal’s opponents object to what they say is a too friendly deal for Sky, of which Fox (FOX, FOXA +0.2%) already owned 39%. In Baltimore, Travis Coons kicked a 32 yard field goal in overtime and Josh McCown threw for a team record 457 yards as the Cleveland Browns defeated the Baltimore Ravens 33 30, while Aaron Rodgers threw for two touchdowns and 241 yards to lead the Green Bay Packers past the St. Women national team for 17 years. Dwayne Bray, the ESPN cheap nfl jerseys producer who was cheap fake oakleys working with Frontline and, as recently as three weeks ago, was stilling touting the joint venture, reportedly told the demoralized staff at OTL that “Disney folks got involved and shut us down.”. Wholesale Jerseys To have the legal cheap nhl jerseys order rescinded (because they were apparently too busy playing Chrono Trigger to notice how fruitless Internet petitions are). A lot of you guys played in high school, played in college, and yeah, for some reason, can’t let the dream go. The penalties you can acquire while team roping is the basically on just the heelers. Wouldn’t you, if given the chance, choose to erase from your mind that one time in eighth grade that you got hammered on spiked punch and tried to grope your math teacher on the dance floor?Well, soon you can! Science has been tinkering with the memory parts of the human brain for quite some time, for reasons that range from potential military applications to curing Alzheimer’s disease to “because they can.” In fact, some successful lab tests on memory alteration have already been made.”We found our car keys! Thank you, science!”.

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구분 필기원서접수(인터넷) 필기시험 필기합격
실기원서접수 실기시험 최종합격자 발표일
2016년 정기 기사 1회 2016.01.29 ~ 2016.02.04 2016.03.06 2016.03.17 2016.03.21 ~ 2016.03.24 2016.04.16~2016.04.29 2016.05.27
2016년 정기 기사 3회 2016.08.02 ~ 2016.08.08 2016.08.21 2016.09.01 2016.09.05 ~ 2016.09.08 2016.10.08~2016.10.21 2016.11.18



구분 필기원서접수(인터넷) 필기시험 필기합격
실기원서접수 실기시험 최종합격자 발표일
2016년 정기 기사 1회 2016.01.29 ~ 2016.02.04 2016.03.06 2016.03.17 2016.03.21 ~ 2016.03.24 2016.04.16~2016.04.29 2016.05.27
2016년 정기 기사 2회 2016.04.01 ~ 2016.04.07 2016.05.08 2016.05.19 2016.05.30 ~ 2016.06.02 2016.06.25~2016.07.08 2016.08.05
2016년 정기 기사 4회 2016.09.02 ~ 2016.09.08 2016.10.01 2016.10.13 2016.10.17 ~ 2016.10.20 2016.11.12~2016.11.25 2016.12.23

(G) Control section with no primary antibody. The BLU 118/B is just as terrifying. The two took the podium in bare feet, to symbolize the poverty of black Americans. This is the reason why hamstring injuries are not only very painful, but they also restrict day to day activities of a person. Click the “Sign In” link that is located in the cheap jerseys upper right hand corner of the page. BALCO, Bonds and Giambi. 1. So how is a team with an all star power forward who is known for being a double digit rebounder in Al Horford and a defensive center in Amir Johnson having to rely on players such as Avery Bradley to lead the team in rebounding?. The news here is Hackenberg at No. This statistic combines how far punter kicked the ball, with how far the returner returned the ball. “DEA spokesman Rusty Payne confirmed the existence of the investigation cheap oakleys sunglasses and said it was triggered by a class action lawsuit filed in federal court in May by more than 1,300 retired NFL players. Many of the tossups are written in this style, so beware. And you know what? She won’t be a virgin after tonight”.. They forced six turnovers and beat the Raiders 27 20. This article briefly describes why balance is important and wholesale jerseys china how we can find it and hold on to it within our everyday lives.. And your body starts shutting down. From here, I’m going to extend my feet up high in the air, toes wholesale nfl jerseys pointed, knees straight. While white men used to dominate the industry, as of late, more women and minorities are breaking into the field and are becoming very successful. However, now that we are around 10.5x earnings, there is a much larger margin of safety, especially as adverse weather and downtime in Kazakhstan made production seem a cheap football jerseys bit worse than it was.. Then again, how many of us work for corporations that make billions of dollars. While the consoles have been popular, software sales are lagging behind. He promptly caught a 21 yard pass.. They can’t unload him as quickly, and the players can’t adopt the attitude Cheap Jerseys of wanting to get that first contract “over with” to get to that 110 million dollar deal. Besides these, we will also talk about how the BMI system Fake Oakleys works, and its overall effectiveness in relation to determining whether an individual is actually underweight, relatively fit, or obese.. Be prepared. Everyone wins! (Except the other teams, of course.). That is definitely not a problem for Taggart. The ‘Facebook Home’ experience will be available as an App download on the Google Play store starting April 12, but in its roll out, it will be available only to select flagship phones HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung GALAXY S III and Samsung GALAXY Note II.

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Gift baskets are always a good idea; ray ban sunglasses you can pack them full of items. And the Knicks was built on enforcers NBA Jerseys Cheap and making sure I mean sports, Tony, as you know, is basically a lot of game of intimidation. American Needle lost its initial challenge and appealed to the Supreme Court. Had to get another charger recently though, after an extremely hot cheap nfl jerseys day on the dash and with the sunshades behind it the frame melted. This actually isn’t all that uncommon in Science Fiction. S2) derived from the same PFL clone. To wash down the pub grub, put back a pint or a flight of house brews like the Wild Oyster Stout with a hint of briny bivalves or the crisp tart Lemongrass Wheat Ale that won a medal at the World Beer Cup. But the most consistently correct character in the film is Jeff Goldblum, playing Jeff Goldblum, a mathematician who has nothing but disdain for the scientific method. Returning to exercise before your injury is healed can make your injury worse. The average head coaching stint is less than three years, so them keeping on Tom Coughlin and giving him one more try just shows that they have faith that they can kind of make it work. This compound focuses on modifying the body’s immune mediated native inflammatory response. Famous for appearing on the Iron Chef America Series, Batali, who started his career with dish washing earned a whopping $13 million this year. Assuming his tyros are not distracted by the hoo ha of their first Super Bowl and Johnson is not the sort of coach to allow that to happen their beguiling mixture of solid virtues and youthful daring simply provides too many routes to victory. Finding your opponents soft spot, or weakness is the key to any competitive sport. The vehicle, to be deputed cheap authentic jerseys at the venue in during the matches, will also carry physicians trained in cardiac resuscitation procedure and also capable of handling other sporting injuries.. How do I know this? Most maternal deaths happen in developing countries, where href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap jerseys most women do not have access to health care, and most of them do not die Cheap Jerseys due to a too big baby Cheap Jerseys or it getting stuck, but preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, infection, hemorrhage, and unsafe abortions.. I like all the different people you meet. In the title that inaugurated the “Leonardo DiCaprio is a dick with money” genre of movies, Leo plays Frank Abagnale Jr., a teenage con artist who successfully impersonated doctors, lawyers, and pilots in the 1960s. In Game 4, trailing 4 3 in the ninth, a stolen base by pinch runner Dave Roberts allowed the Red Sox to tie the game on a single and send it to extras. ‘When Pearl Harbor was attacked one man who immediately enlisted to defend his country was John Glenn.


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Despite the loss of Harris, Virginia may actually improve offensively as its young backcourt continues to mature. It has been a big disappointment in cheap jerseys 2014. I think this is a good hire. But you never know about Morgan Freeman.. That’s just a moon. “With Google Cardboard, you can take amazing trips to cheap China Jerseys faraway places and feel like you’re actually there,” says software engineer Carlos Hernandez. Specifically, the physiological function captures the general correlation in activation between brain regions once activation due to the specified psychological conditions has been accounted for. That’s something that NFL Jerseys Cheap this country stands for freedom, liberty and justice for all. Last season, Sale struck out 9.3 batters per nine innings, his lowest rate since 2012 and a drop from the 11.8 batter per nine innings from 2015. They committed a turnover on an inbounds pass.. You, it’s kind of this it’s very similar to taping your ankle if you were to have that done by a trainer or anything like that. cheap oakley sunglasses It pretty much has been eradicated. The PredictionThis is not going to be an exciting, high scoring game. Once celebrity gossip website TMZ posted footage of Rice punching his wife across the face, Rice’s punishment changed. Virgin organic coconut oil is one of my favorite fats to consume. fake ray ban sunglasses In the case of more modern hubs that utilize a cassette, you actually have to disassemble the cone and lock nut on this side enough to expose the tool surfaces on the drive side. He revolutionized the game with his team centric approach, and is often thought to be the greatest ice hockey player ever.. The peppermint acts as a catalyst that helps increase blood flow to her lips and gives her the soft, but sultry pout that the camera just loves!. T shareholders should thank the Fed for keeping interest href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap jerseys rates low and providing a floor of sorts for the stock price vis a vis the 5.7% dividend. “I didn’t feel like I touched him. IntroductionGlaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness1,2. There are all sorts of reasons why you might be rejected from your first choice Fake Oakleys university: the quality of your grades, your lack of after school activities, the fact you play the guitar when the 7 stringed guqin would clearly had been the better choice. And Davis “came back, worked his tail off, and became an All Pro the next year”. We are in the midst of that process now, and fully expect to address and satisfy any issues or concerns that may arise.. His noted performance was of ‘Rhapsody In Blue’ at ‘An Experiment in Modern Music Concert’ in Aeolian Hall at New York in 1924..



뉴스천지 ‘2013 Creator Fair’ 성황 “아빠 어디가, 부모도 함께 즐기는 과학 축제”



창의적 아이디어 눈 앞에 쫙∼
‘크리에이터 페어’ 서 성공담 공유



2013 대한민국과학창의축전 열렸다


afl players Cheap Jerseys ‘at high risk of brain damage’That puma online shop roll on adidas shoes landmines at burberry online shop this time came in, coming from the west window, that window was closed, but it! That oakley sunglasses thihave this roshe run pancake size of polo ralph lauren outlet it, blood red blood prada shoes red, the whole house is lit red. The Lions also became the first team in 60 Saints home games to stop Drew Brees from completing a touchdown pass, although tight end Coby Fleener had a pass bounce off his hands at the goal line. Millionaires too don’t like pay cuts, and prospects for a deal are uncertain.. 11. Earlier last week NBA commissioner David Stern cancelled all NBA games through the month of November and cheap nfl jerseys the season is in jeopardy of ever starting as players and owners seem further apart in negotiations.. As individuals, when we are in debt, we stop spending as much and look for ways to raise our income. I just think there’s so many players and so many people who want to play football and who can find the incentives to make that work. cheap nfl jerseys Original Oratory: Structure and RulesThe speaker chooses a topic of interest to them, researches it, writes a speech about it, and then delivers it in competition. Line up on the goal line in your “down” position. In some ways the two Bobbys were lucky. I view all this as the late, great labor leader John L. cheap nfl jerseys In the process, certain American disbelievers were stunned to discover it doesn’t always rain in the capital in October.. “I had worked camps in Nigeria about 10 years ago. Cheap Football Jerseys Today, we’re going to talk about core strengthening exercises for runners. And it’s all on me. It requires special fuel, temperature control, and, well, smoke. His players there never fell for the card and magic tricks, and the bonding sessions that endeared him college players everywhere else he went. I was pleased to be back on the field following my ankle injury but I know for sure I can play better than I did against Houston. Having multiple tattoos can boost your immune system in a way that is similar to vaccination, but somehow even more metal than voluntarily injecting diseases into your bloodstream. Equipment such as light medicine balls, resistance bands or tubing or light dumbbells are easy and fun for children to use. The much loathed BCS system is gone. A huge shift would come if people of color decided to take jobs in law enforcement and teaching.”. The real battlefield is chock full of heroics so badass that if you put them in respected war films like Saving Private Ryan or Universal Soldier, we’d all Cheap Oakleys collectively groan, “Yeah, right.”. Fiorina also made impassioned comments in this debate on wholesale jerseys china issues like defunding Planned Parenthood and marijuana legalization.


미화[化] 를 추구하는 디자이너


미화되다, 미화하다

어떤 작업을 소개할 것인지 선정하는 고민의 시간이 상당히 길었다. 우수한 일러스트레이터는 매우 많기에 몇 가지 기준을 세웠는데 인물 개인보다는 작업이 주는 신선함이 우선의 선택 기준이었다. 즉, 일러스트의 사용이 흥미로운 작업을 먼저 찾고 해당 작업을 한 일러스트레이터를 추적하는 순서였다. 또한, 될 수 있으면 6개월 이내에 회자되거나 공개된 또는 현재 진행 중인 작업 안에서 찾고자 했다. 시차가 크지 않은 작업들을 동일 선상에 놓고 보아야 일러스트 분야의 현재를 어렴풋이나마 그려볼 수 있으리라 여겼기 때문이다. 마지막으로 이는 다소 주관적인 기준일 수 있으나 근래에 에 등장한 적 없는 인물에 집중하고자 했다. 앞서 언급했듯 흥미로운 작업을 찾는 것이 우선이었으므로 부득이하게 3년 이내에 다뤘던 사람을 다시 소개하게 된 경우도 있지만 유사한 조건에 있다면 에 자주 등장하지 않은 일러스트레이터의 작업을 택했다. 이 조건들을 교차 확인하며 5가지의 사례를 추렸다.


Samsung Electronics / Samsung Research Center / C-lab / VR Designer | 2017. 03 –

Samsung Electronics / Digital Appliance Division / Kitchen UX Designer | 2014. 03 – 17.02



Master of Sciences in Dept. of Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Seoul National University Science&Technology, Korea. | 2014. 02


B.E. in Industrial Design(Dual Degree Program)

Seoul National University Science&Technology, Korea.  | 2009.08~ 2012.02


B.E. Dept. of Mechanical System and Design Engineering

Seoul National University Science&Technology, Korea.  | 2005.03~ 2012.02



현대자동차 모션그래픽 가이드라인 과제 | 2013. 06 – 08

SK플래닛 APP 속도 측정 비교 평가 | 2013. 01 – 04

삼성 서비스디자인 평가 프레임웍 개발 | 2012. 06  – 11

LG전자 CTO – 제품간 UX identity 디자인의 Rationale 정립 | 2012. 04 ~ 08

현대-기아차를 위한 AVN HMI Design 가이드라인 개발 | 2011. 02 ~ 05

SKT 스마트폰 Touch Performance 측정 시스템 및 가이드라인 개발 | 2011. 08 ~ 11



제2회 삼성UX멤버십 ‘Debutas展 : 더 나은 보통의 시간’ 전시 | 2013. 11.

대한민국과학창의축전  킨텍스 전시 | 2013. 08.

New media Digital vvvv Exhibition 아르코예술창작센터 | 2013. 07.

넥슨컴퓨터박물관 상시 전시 시작 | 2013. 07.

MAKE FAIR 아르코 미술관 전시 | 2013. 06.

ower Tech Korea 코엑스 전시 | 2012. 10.

인사동 인사아트센터 기획 전시 | 2012. 07.



심야 시간대, 여성 귀가를 위한 서비스 디자인 연구 / 한국디자인학회 / 제1저자 | 2013. 05

이미지복잡도 측정 기술을 활용한 사용자 인터페이스의 시각복잡도 평가 / HCI학회 / 제2저자 | 2013. 02

스마트 TV에서의 리모컨 조작 시 효율적인 리스트 커서 이동 방법에 관한 연구 / HCI학회 / 제1저자 | 2013. 02

Evaluating the Uasbility of Futuristic Mobile Phones in Advance / International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics and the Affiliated Conferences/ 교신저자 | 2012. 07



User Experience and Interface Design, HCI Research, Concept Prototyping, Software and Hardware Prototyping.

Software : Unity 3D, Javascript, Html, Css, VVVV, FramerJS

Graphic and UI Design Tool : Adobe Suites(Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffect), Sketch

3D Design : Rhino, Siemans NX, Cinema 4D

Firmware Dev : Arduino.



여중고생을 위한 공학실험 개발 공모전 입선 | 2013. 07

Pin Up competition Authentication | 2011. 09

(주) 모리스 제품디자인 공모전 입선 | 2011. 05



삼성UX멤버십 4기 / UX Designer | 2013. 01 – 12

위니아 만도 딤채 프로모터 2기 – 현장 판매 경험 | 2010. 09 ~ 12

SK M&C  MAKETER – T 멤머십 홍보 | 2010. 06 ~ 09

2012. 10 전자출판기능사
2010. 07 인터넷정보검색사 2급
2010. 04 사무자동화산업기사
2008. 10 웹디자인기능사
2008. 09 컴퓨터그래픽기능사
2008. 08 컴퓨터활용능력 2급
2008. 08 워드프로세스 1급

샘플 페이지

이것은 예제 페이지입니다. 페이지는 한 곳에 고정되며 사이트 네비게이션에 표시되기 때문에 블로그 글과는 다릅니다 (대부분의 테마). 대다수의 사람들은 사이트 방문자들에게 자신들을 소개하기 위한 About 페이지부터 시작합니다. 다음과 같이 작성할 수 있습니다:

안녕하세요! 저는 낮에는 자전거로 배달하는 일을 하고 밤에는 배우가 되기 위한 연기 연습을 합니다. 여기는 제 블로그입니다. 서울에 살고 순돌이라는 이름의 대단한 개를 키우고 있죠.음악 듣기와 영화보기를 좋아합니다.(이런식의 자기소개).

…또는 이럴 수도 있습니다:

이 가나다 회사는 2012년에 만들어졌으며 그 후로 소비자를 위해 품질 좋은 생산품을 만들고 있습니다. 고담시에 위치하며 2천명의 직원이 있고 고담시 커뮤니티를 위해 다양하고 멋진 일을 하고 있습니다.

새로운 워드프레스 사용자로써, 관리자 화면으로 가서 이 페이지를 삭제하고 컨텐츠로 채워진 새로운 페이지를 생성해보세요. 즐겨보세요!

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