calculation design



# Project Info
# This info is presented in a widget when you share.

Framer.Info =
	title: ""
	author: "Jong Hyeok Im"
	twitter: ""
	description: ""

#Background setting

background = new BackgroundLayer
	backgroundColor: "#fff"

result= ""
# 변수는 따로 빼줘서 사용됨.	

results = new Layer
	width: Screen.width
	height: Screen.height/3
	backgroundColor: "#fff"
	shadowY: 10
	shadowBlur: 40
	shadowColor: "rgba(0,0,0,0.4)"
	html: result
	#Matrial Design의 shadow를 이용하여 입체감입히기

screen = new Layer
	backgroundColor: "null"
	#  투명하게 사용하는데 null을 이용함
	superLayer: results
	width: Screen.width*0.9
	y: results.height/2
	opacity: 1

value = new Layer
	backgroundColor: "null"
	y: results.height/4*3
	superLayer: results
	width: Screen.width*0.9
	originX: 1
	# 시작점
	opacity: 0.8
	scale: 0.6 =
	"text-align": "right"
	"font-size": "180px"
	"Color": "#757575" =
	"text-align": "right"
	"font-size": "180px"
	"color": "#757575"
		y: -100
		y: results.height/2

numpad= new Layer
	width: Screen.width
	height: Screen.height - results.height
	backgroundColor: "#3a3a3a"
	y: results.height

actionsBack= new Layer
	backgroundColor: "#636363"
	x: Screen.width/4*3
	width: Screen.width/4
	height: Screen.height-results.height
	superLayer: numpad
	clip: true
	# clip이란?

# bringToFront 함수란?
# Parent안에 레이어의 순서를 가장앞에 오게 만드는 함수
numberButtons=[["7","8","9"],["4","5","6"],["1","2","3"], [".","0","="]]

for y in [0..3]
	for x in [0..2]
		button= new Layer
		# 레이어 생성 시, 띄어쓰기가 맞는가?
			name: numberButtons[y][x]
			width: Screen.width/4
			height: numpad.height/4
			x: Screen.width/4*x
			y: numpad.height/4*y
			superLayer: numpad
			backgroundColor: "null"
		button.value = numberButtons[y][x]
		Utils.labelLayer(button, numberButtons[y][x])
		# 위 두줄 해석 필요함
		# Document에는 빠르게 레이블 가운데 위치하는 방식이라고 함 = "80px"

for y in [0..4]
	button= new Layer	
		name: actionButtons[y]
		width: Screen.width/4
		height: numpad.height/5
		x: 0
		y: y*numpad.height/5
		backgroundColor: "null"
		superLayer: actionsBack
	Utils.labelLayer(button,actionButtons[y]) = "80px"

for button in buttons
	circle = new Layer
		borderRadius: button.width
		width: button.width*1.3
		height: button.width*1.3
		superLayer: button
		backgroundColor: "#fff"
		opacity: 0
	circle2= circle.copy()
	circle2.superLayer = button
	circle2.scale = 0.1
	circle2.opacity = 0
	button.onTouchEnd ->
# 		print @.html
#		Data가 잘들어오는지 점검용
# 		print @.children
				opacity: 0
			time: 0.3
		@.children[1].opacity= 0
		@.children[1].scale= 0.1
	button.onTouchStart ->
				opacity: 0.05
			time: 0.3
				opacity: 0.05
				scale: 1
			time: 0.4
			result=eval (eval screen.html).toFixed(5)
			value.states.switch("enter", time: 0.3, curve: "ease")
			screen.states.switch("enter", time: 0.3, curve: "ease")
			Utils.delay 0.4, ->
				screen.html = result
			# 구문 해석이 필요함
		else if =="C"
		else if =="/"
			result +="/"
		else if =="*"
			result +="*"
		else if =="."
			if parseInt(eval screen.html) ==(eval screen.html)
				result +='.'
			if result==0
				result += 
		screen.html= result
# 		if typeof (eval screen.html) isnt 'underfined'
# # 			val=eval screen.html
# # 			if parseInt(val) != val
# # 				val =val.toFixed(5)
# 			value.html = eval (eval screen.html).toFixed(5)
# 		#typeof이건도 무엇이오
# 		else
# 			value.html=""
			#toFixed 자리수 표기인듯


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