#원의 크기,선 정의
radius  = 150
stroke  = 12
viewBox = (radius * 2) + stroke+200

#원 레이어 생성
circle = new Layer
  width:  viewBox
  height: viewBox
  backgroundColor: ''
  rotation: -90

#깔금한 원 와곽선 계산
circle.pathLength = 2 * Math.PI * radius

circle.html = """
  <svg viewBox='-#{stroke/2} -#{stroke/2} #{viewBox} #{viewBox}'>
    <circle fill='none' stroke='#2196F3' stroke-linecap='round'
      stroke-width      = '#{stroke}'
      stroke-dasharray  = '#{circle.pathLength}'
      stroke-dashoffset = '#{circle.pathLength}'
      cx = '#{radius}'
      cy = '#{radius}'
      r  = '#{radius}'>

#깔금한 원 외곽선 정리

proxy = new Layer visible: false, x: .1

proxy.on 'change:x', ->
  offset = Utils.modulate(@.x, [0, 100], [circle.pathLength, 0])
  circle.path.setAttribute 'stroke-dashoffset', offset

# Create animation
fill_1 = new Animation
    layer: proxy
    properties: x: 80
    curve: 'spring(50,14,0)'

fill_2 = new Animation
    layer: proxy
    properties: x: 50
    curve: 'spring(50,14,0)'

fill_1.on(Events.AnimationEnd, fill_2.start)

fill_2.on(Events.AnimationEnd, fill_1.start)

# Run animation
Utils.domComplete ->
  circle.path = document.querySelector('svg circle')

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