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차주 스터디까지 계층구조(Parent, Child)와 상대좌표(max, min, mid, +, -)을 이용하여 이미지 배치하기

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 관련자료는 ‘Nestded ‘로 검색하여 참고할 것.  


Layers can have a parent and/or children. Parent layers are called superLayers, and child layers are called subLayers. Layers inherit properties from their superLayers. -> 자식레이어는 부모 레이어의 속성들을 상속받는다고함.


<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/0CccgGhClLQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

# Two ways to define hierarchy 
layerB.superLayer = layerA



MomLayer = new Layer
	x: 200
	y: 600
ChildLayer = new Layer
	width: 50
	height: 50
	backgroundColor: 'red'
	parent: MomLayer
	x: Align.center
	y: Align.center
Mom2Layer = new Layer
	backgroundColor: 'Blue'

Child2Layer = new Layer
	name : 'butter'
	width: 50
	height: 50
	x: Mom2Layer.maxX
	y: 0
	backgroundColor: '#fff'

# Mom2Layer.addChild(Child2Layer)
print Child2Layer.parent
print Child2Layer.name

# butter.backgroundColor = 'red'
#Child2Layer.superLayer = Mom2Layer

# Two ways to define hierarchy 
# layerB.superLayer = layerA
# layerA.addSubLayer(layerB)


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