BgColor = new BackgroundLayer
	backgroundColor: "#d12c5b"

x_line1 = new Layer
	x : 305
	y : Screen.height/2
	height: 20
	width: 150
	borderRadius: 10
	rotation: 45
	backgroundColor: "white"

x_line2 = x_line1.copy()
x_line2.rotation = -45
x_line2.x = 305

x_line1_ani = new Animation
	layer : x_line1
		x: 305 - 46
	curve: "ease-in-out"
	delay: 1
	time: 1

x_line2_ani = new Animation
	layer : x_line2
		x: 305 + 46
	curve: "ease-in-out"
	delay: 1
	time: 1

bgAni = new Animation
	layer : BgColor
		backgroundColor: "#008789"
	curve: "ease-in-out"
	delay: 1
	time: 1
bgAni_reverse = bgAni.reverse()
x_line1_ani_reverse =x_line1_ani.reverse()
x_line2_ani_reverse =x_line2_ani.reverse()

# # Alternate between the two animations 
bgAni.on(Events.AnimationEnd, bgAni_reverse.start)
bgAni_reverse.on(Events.AnimationEnd, bgAni.start)

x_line1_ani.on(Events.AnimationEnd, x_line1_ani_reverse.start)
x_line1_ani_reverse.on(Events.AnimationEnd, x_line1_ani.start)

x_line2_ani.on(Events.AnimationEnd, x_line2_ani_reverse.start)
x_line2_ani_reverse.on(Events.AnimationEnd, x_line2_ani.start)

# print Canvas.frame #화면크기 나오는 문구

# Hello world!


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