FramerJs Exercise




# Matrial Design Kit 모듈 불러오기
m = require "material-kit"

# 배경 생성
background = new BackgroundLayer
 backgroundColor: 'white'

#화면 높이 Define 
# 사실 'Menu_Page.height = Canvas.height'구문이 잘 작안되서 작성함.
menu_canvas = 1286
# 모듈 Matrial 불러와서 Status Bar 생성
status = new m.StatusBar
status.visible = true
# 스테이트바 On/Off용

Menu_Page = new Layer 
 x: 0
 y: status.height # Status Bar 높이 값으로 상대좌표
 height : menu_canvas 
 backgroundColor: 'black'
Menu_Page.width = Screen.width
#Menu_Page.height = Canvas.height

Menu_Page_0 = new Layer
 width: Screen.width
 height: 200
 backgroundColor: '#E8EDF1'
 parent: Menu_Page
 x: 0
 y: 0

#메뉴바 4개 생성을 위한 창고
layers = [];
LayerNum = 0
# text_box.myArray = [Microwave, Combi, Convection, Grill];

for i in [0..4]
 #메뉴바 생성
 Menu_Page_new = new Layer
 name: "Menu" + (i + 1)
 width: Screen.width
 height: (menu_canvas-200)/4
 parent: Menu_Page
 x: Screen.width
 y: Menu_Page_0.height + ((menu_canvas-200)/4)*i
 # 진입 시, 애니메이션
 Menu_Page_new_ani = new Animation
 layer: Menu_Page_new
 x: 0
 time: 0.3
 delay: 1*LayerNum
 LayerNum += 0.3

#레이어 각 컬러 생성
layers[1].backgroundColor = '#E8C154'
layers[2].backgroundColor = '#EC4655'
layers[3].backgroundColor = '#31C6EF'
layers[4].backgroundColor = '#AFC5C3'

layers[1].html ="Microwave"
layers[2].html ="Combi"
layers[3].html ="Convection"
layers[4].html ="Grill" = "font-size" : "100px"

# "font-weight" : "100",
# "text-align" : "center",
# "line-height" : "#{page.height}px"

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